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  • Welcome to Pryvate™ Exchange.

    Globally powered

    by the

    for security

    • PryvateCoin & Pryvate
      Exchange is regulated under Article 14 of Jersey Financial Services Commision Law.
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  • PryvateX Truly international and
    truly hybrid exchange
    regulated in Jersey
    Pryvate Exchange is also an excellent platform for running your IEO campaigns, digitizing your assets, issuing security tokens and it’s also the world’s first large scale crypto OTC desk. PryvateX interfaces with mobile multi-wallet for decentralised trading. It targets regulated institutional & professional trader markets We aim to support any fiat/crypto pair trading, with a range of instruments & tools .
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        Meet the highly creative and dedicated people behind Pryvate projects and products.
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    • We bring together

      Marketplaces, Finance and Communications

      The ultimate goal of Pryvate is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of services from cryptocurrency trading and investment platform to multi-currency wallets and communications.

      • Fully functional with minimalist design

        access to web based cryptocurrency trading portfolio

    • Earn PryvateCoin You can earn more PVC tokens
      through our referral program or
      by joining one of our bounty programs.
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      when you download and register PryvateApp
    • Low Trading Fees

      Hold at least 80 PVC tokens in your wallet to be eligible for trading fees discount.
  • PVC is the financial basis of the Pryvate Ecosystem It represents a disruptive token-utility model as the Pryvate platform currency
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          Limited time offer for PVC prior to official IEO sale

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        • STO

          The Pryvate STO platform allows the tokenization of physical assets while also providing a Launchpad necessary to distribute the digital assets & securities

        • IEO

          The Pryvate IEO platform is a turnkey solution to allow creation of utility tokens for digital exchanges of all types, while also providing a Launchpad necessary to distribute

  • Pryvate Coin ties together the entire
    Pryvate Ecosystem

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  • Why STO?

    Credibility, Micro-Investments, Traded as Securities, Actual Ownership of Underlying Assets

  • Why IEO?

    Programmable Ownership and Compliance Incredible Success Rate, Low Fees, Available for Corporate and Individual customers

  • Pryvate Launchpad

    is part of our Pryvate Exchange platform and it also includes Pryvate Elite platform that is a bespoke high-value-asset management service

    Pryvate Launchpad is designed to cater for digital securities, assets and other token offerings
    It contains the admin area for client management of STO & IEO It provides a public access to Initial Offerings, Securities and Assets. It offers purchase availability via multiple fiat-currencies and selected major crypto-currencies